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The GC Aesthetics® implant collection

GC Aesthetics® is with you every step of the way

Implant Shape

GC Aesthetics® Brazil offers both round and anatomically shaped implants for our surgeons’ convenience. We provide a range of implants to match our surgeons preferred style.

Implant shell features

GC Aesthetics® implant collections come in a selection of smooth and textured surfaces, to suit the surgical methods of each doctor.

Different surface roughness options exist to treat each patient’s specific anatomical and lifestyle needs, which can be discussed upon the surgical consultation.

Textured implants

Smooth Implants

Barrier Layer

The barrier layer for each implant collection is specially engineered to encapsulate and uphold the desired shape and movement of each collection’s design. This supports the result of your desired shape.

GC Aesthetics® Gel technologies

Our various gel technologies are selectively featured in each of our collections, giving our products their own signature fill and feel our patients and surgeons love.

Not all gel is created equally

At GC Aesthetics®, our gel type and fill is carefully selected based on the collection and patient’s desired outcome. Implant gel type can also mildly affect surgical methods since some are easier to insert than others.

Profile options

An implant’s profile is a series of measurements that apply to various qualities of a breast implant. Dialing in your desired outcome will help you and your surgeon decide which implant is the right one for you. Our collections come in hundreds of variations so each woman can dial into the perfect breast profile she desires.

Profile options

This is a measure of how far the implant projects forward, providing various levels of bust outward from your chest on the sagittal plane.


The diameter of the implant can help to provide a silhouette of cleavage, so that no matter your choice of projection, your lateral breast curve can become more pronounced.


The measurement from the bottom to the top of the implant, or its overall ‘height’.

Every body is unique; GC Aesthetics® ensures there is an option that is right for every patient.

Providing Quality, Trust & Safety is our Legacy

Enjoy a lifetime warranty

Feel confident knowing your implants are protected. At GC Aesthetics®, we offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all GCA (formerly Nagor® and Eurosilicone®) breast implants*.

*This warranty is dated 01 July, 2020 and replaces and supersedes any prior GC Aesthetics®, Nagor® or Eurosilicone® guarantee or warranty terms.


Check out our most frequently asked questions answered below. Still have a question? don’t hesitate to reach out direct.

The implant profile/projection determines how far the implant projects from the chest wall. Ranging from classic to ultra-high, different types of profiles exist to best accommodate any woman’s individual breast profile preferences.

The collection is composed of breast implants as well as body implants such as buttocks and calves. In addition to implants with silicone gel, GCA also offers expanders which are devices that when filled with saline solution, inflate and separate the muscle from the skin. This creates room for fat grafts and for silicone gel implants. The Nâgor collection includes products from the Impleo and Perle lines.
GCA offers implants with anatomical (teardrop-shaped) and round shapes. Anatomical implants are better suited for women who prefer a teardrop breast shape with more volume in the lower half of the implant which results in a more natural shape. Round implants offer more fullness in the top part of the breast. Both shapes provide beautiful results and should be discussed according to the personal preferences of each patient.
GCA differentiates itself through its customer service. When purchasing an implant, the patient is confident that she is fully supported from start to finish. This imparts a sense of security and trust in such a unique moment of her life. In addition, our customers have a lifetime warranty that guarantees a free replacement in the event of implant rupture or contractures of grade 3 and 4.