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Mastectomy; there is more to the story.

GC Aesthetics® is your partner in deciding if reconstructive surgery is the right step for you.

The process

Deciding whether to have reconstructive surgery is difficult. It’s an option that you may or may not decide to take. We want to provide you with information to help you make the right choice.

Your decision does not have to be made immediately, as you can delay reconstruction. You can discuss all aspects of your procedure with your surgeon during your consultation, which is your opportunity to ask lots of questions and understand what results you can expect.

GC Aesthetics® wants each patient in Brazil to know her options, so we have partnered with Em Boas Mãos ONG to provide phone assistance to anyone looking to learn more about the procedures, government financing and more.

If you do decide that a reconstruction is the right choice for you there are several procedures available.

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Types of breast reconstruction

In this operation, a silicone implant is inserted under your chest muscle. It takes a few weeks to recover, and you will experience soreness and/or tightness in your chest area.

During a Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction, an expandable device with a port is used to create space for an implant. Once the expander is inserted, the patient will revisit the surgeon over a period of several weeks to have sterile saline injected through the port. During these visits, the patient receives local anaesthesia.

When the skin covering the breast area has expanded enough, the expander will be removed during a second operation, and a permanent implant will be placed into the expanded pocket.
Discuss the option of nipple reconstruction with your surgeon.

Skin, fat and/or muscle from another part of your body (donor site) is used to create new breasts.

An autologous reconstruction requires a little more recovery time than an implant or expander, and may require a few days in the hospital.
There are several types of flap reconstructions available to patients but most surgeons choose either flaps from the back (latissimus dorsi) or flaps from the abdomen (TRAM and DIEP flaps).

Placement of implants

Implants may be placed either beneath the breast tissue, on top of the pectoralis muscle (subglandular) or beneath the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular). There are advantages and disadvantages of each placement. Generally, placement of an implant beneath the muscle gives an extra layer of tissue coverage and may be the choice for patients with minimum breast tissue.

During your consultation you should talk to your surgeon about what placement options they prefer and what is available to you. The placement of implants mostly depends on the thickness of your breast tissue as well as the surgeons preference.

Risks & complications

GC Aesthetics® gel-filled mammary implants are manufactured in a controlled cleanroom environment in compliance with the applicable regulations and are sterilized prior to shipping to the physician.

Every care is taken to ensure your implants are free from manufacturing residues. We take great care in ensuring however, it is not possible to eliminate all risk associated with the use of medical devices, including breast implants.

There are various types of risk associated with breast implant surgery that are a factor of the device used, surgical methods as well as your body’s own healing process.

Talk to your surgeon to learn more about risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery.

Subsidize your reconstruction

We have partnered with Em Boas Mãos ONG to help you learn about subsidizing your implant and surgery costs, how to order and more. Call our support line today to learn more about your reconstruction options.

GC Aesthetics® is with you every step of the way

Our dedicated Customer Care service is present in every stage of the patient experience. We are accessible via telephone and provide you guidance and updates via email.

More than a product provider

Your experience and longlasting satisfaction are our top priority. We work with our Surgeons throughout your entire surgical journey to provide cutting-edge implants, outcomes and white-glove care to every patient we serve in Brazil.
GCA Aesthetics® is there to help you with your pre-surgery needs, offering hands-on services that help you visualize, plan & book your surgery.

We will help you best prepare for your surgery by sending you pre and post-surgery care directions and inviting you to our closed Facebook community that connects you with other patients and service providers to guide you through the process.

We will help guide you through a speedy recovery with our hands-on customer care, post-care directions, GCA warranty, and a lifetime of exclusive women’s health benefits.

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