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Making the decision

Before booking your surgery, you should consult with your surgeon on breast size, shape (round or anatomical-i.e. teardrop), and weight. Many women find it difficult to visualize their ultimate breast size and shape before surgery. Patients tend to underestimate the size of implant they want, so its important to note that most women become more comfortable with their new breast shape after surgery. Oftentimes, patients wish they had opted for a larger size implant to better compliment their body proportions.

It is important to talk with your surgeon before surgery and explore all of your options; Your surgeon will work with you and your specific concerns to find attainable and suitable results.

Understand your options

When considering implants, it is important to consider both the size of the implant as well as the width. 

The width of your chest can also impact the look of the implant and can greatly affect the look of the end result.

A wider implant may provide more cleavage, but less fullness of the breast.

A higher profile implant will provide more projection and fullness but have less width and cleavage.

Learning about incision points

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are three kinds of incisions a surgeon will use. The type of incision available will be based on your specific body type and surgeons personal preferences. While you are in your consultation, it is important to discuss the exact location of possible scars.

Before surgery, you should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the incision site you are considering with your surgeon.

Peri-areolar incision

Peri-areolar incision

The scar will be around your areola. This incision is hidden to some extent by the colour change at the edge of the areola.

Infra-mammary incision

Infra-mammary incision

The scar will be located in the inframammary fold below your breast. This incision is hidden by the slight drop of the breast.

Trans-axillary incision

Trans-axillary incision

The implants are inserted through an incision in the armpit.

Placement of implants

Implants may be placed either beneath the breast tissue, on top of the pectoralis muscle (subglandular) or beneath the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular). There are advantages and disadvantages of each placement. Generally, placement of an implant beneath the muscle gives an extra layer of tissue coverage and may be the choice for patients with minimal breast tissue.

During your consultation you should talk to your surgeon about what placement options they prefer and what is available to you. The placement of implants mostly depends on the thickness of your breast tissue as well as surgeons preference.

Risks & complications

GC Aesthetics® gel-filled mammary implants are manufactured in a controlled cleanroom environment in compliance with the applicable regulations and are sterilized prior to shipping to the physician.

Every care is taken to ensure your implants are free from manufacturing residues. However, it is not possible to eliminate all risk associated with the use of medical devices, including breast implants.

There are various types of risk associated with breast implant surgery that are a factor of the device used, surgical methods as well as your body’s own healing process.

Talk to your surgeon to learn more about risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery.

GC Aesthetics® is with you every step of the way

Our dedicated Customer Care service is present in every stage of the patient experience. We are accessible via telephone and provide you guidance and updates via email.

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Your experience and longlasting satisfaction are our top priority. We work with our Surgeons throughout your entire surgical journey to provide cutting-edge implants, outcomes and white-glove care to every patient we serve in Brazil.
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We will help you best prepare for your surgery by sending you pre and post-surgery care directions and inviting you to our closed Facebook community that connects you with other patients and service providers to guide you through the process.

We will help guide you through a speedy recovery with our hands-on customer care, post-care directions, GCA warranty, and a lifetime of exclusive women’s health benefits.