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The Matrix™
by GC Aesthetics®

The Matrix™ by GC Aesthetics® is an anatomical shaped, textured breast implant with a firm upper pole and a firmer gel feel. Expect trusted results, with retained shape.

GC Aesthetics® is with you every step of the way

Naturally shaped implants

The Matrix™ collection offers our most naturally shaped implants, featuring tapered edges for less visibility and palpability. A firm upper pole for adds lift to the implant.

Anatomical Shape

With a Textured Surface & 360-degree barrier layer of ParaGelGard™

The Matrix™ 55-65 µm texture

Firm Feel ​

Enjoy a naturally firm feeling, virtually undetectable implant.

The Matrix™ is offered in all core sizes and options.

We work with your surgeon

Feel confident knowing your surgeon and GC Aesthetics® work together throughout your entire surgical journey to ensure the best results.

Browse Options

Browse Options

GC Aesthetics® provides the tools for you and your surgeon to imagine your desired surgical results.

White-Glove Care

White-Glove Care

We work with our partnered clinics to ensure your entire surgical journey is stress-free. This includes booking your surgery to assisting you in registering your implants. We are here to help.

Step-by-Step Surgical Journey Guidance

Step-by-Step Surgical Journey Guidance

GC Aesthetics® works with your surgeon to provide you with self-care guidance throughout your entire experience.

GC Aesthetics® implant features and technologies

Explore our product line

GC Aesthetics® offers one of the most diverse product lines in the industry to ensure all preferences are met.

Enjoy a lifetime warranty

Feel confident knowing your implants are protected. At GC Aesthetics®, we offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all GCA (formerly Nagor® and Eurosilicone®) breast implants*.

*This warranty is dated 01 July, 2020 and replaces and supersedes any prior GC Aesthetics®, Nagor® or Eurosilicone® guarantee or warranty terms.