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We are proud to offer a range of implants and supporting products that help your clinic and services shine. With GC Aesthetics® your patient will make a confident choice in her surgeon and device.

Our implant lines, formerly known as Nagor® and Eurosilicone®, are now housed as signature collections under the GC Aesthetics® brand.

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Why choose GC Aesthetics®?

GC Aesthetics® is a legacy player in the breast implant industry. We have perfected our relationship with our experts, becoming the tool Surgeons can’t afford to work without.

GC Aesthetics® Customer Care

An empathetic approach to care

The GC Aesthetics® Surgical Patient Concierge supports your clinic in providing patients with a seamless surgical journey. Our services include:

More than a device

GC Aesthetics® offers cutting-edge solutions for breast and body surgeries.

Consult with our breast implant specialists

We support surgeons in Brazil by providing bookable time with our renowned Surgical Breast Specialists including, Dr. Jorge Abel and Dr. Alexandre Piassi.

Helping our surgeons be their best

Consult with KOLs including Dr. Abel or Dr. Piassi on all your professional needs, including your cases, product options and more.

GCA® Academy

Register today and access Breast Ed™ training programs, a network of top healthcare professionals, Live Surgeries, Breast Exp™ forums, and much more.

Patient referrals

GC Aesthetics® supports your business by making sure you’re booked with the right patients.

When you register your clinic, you will be matched with patients who are seeking surgeons like you via our ‘Find a Surgeon’ function.

All of your patient's possibilities at your fingertips

With the GCA Surgeon’s app you can instantly explore the full range of products that suit your patient’s desires and your expert opinion.

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Register your clinic to gain access to GC Aesthetics® full suite of surgical products, education and clinic support.


Check out our most frequently asked questions answered below. Still have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

No. GCA implants are made of medical grade silicone gel and elastomer, guaranteeing your safety. GCA does not use latex or other natural rubbers in its products.

No. GCA is the brand that owns the Eurosilicone and Nagôr formerly named product lines. Recently we have renamed all product lines, formerly known as Eurosilicone and Nagôr, as their collection name under the GC Aesthetics brand name umbrella. Since the Eurosilicone name has a long history in the breast implant industry, many think it is the company’s name. However, the GCA brand umbrella encompasses different legacy product lines that have since reidentified comprehensively under our namesake. This change helps our surgeons and patients to more clearly understand the GCA identity and offerings with little confusion.

To ensure maximum adherence of implants to tissues, GCA offers textured products which minimize potential complications such as capsular rotation and contracture. However, we also offer smooth and opaque surface implants.

As a European company, GCA carries the CE Mark seal and ISO certifications. Being present in more than 70 countries and since different countries require their own local certifications to commercialize products, we also possess other certifications all over the world. In Brazil, we hold the ANVISA certification that governs the marketing of our products.