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Her Story

Women across Brazil have been experiencing the GC Aesthetics® difference and we are honoured to be their support, device and assurance provider.

C.S 33 years old
Minas Gerais
“Feeling whole is very rewarding. My life changed after my reconstructive surgery and I feel fulfilled.”
C.S 42 years old
São Paulo
“I have never regretted even for one bit getting silicone implants. I am very happy and fulfilled.”
C.S 35 years old
Rio de Janeiro
“My doctor recommended GCA implants. I did my research, contacted GCA, and I was well received and taken care of. I’m very happy with the results. My breasts are beautiful, and my husband loves them."
C.S 48 years old
São Paulo
“I went through very difficult times when I received a breast cancer diagnosis. I couldn’t understand a word the doctor was saying. I experienced mixed feelings that are hard to explain. I was happy that right after my breast was removed, reconstructive surgery was done with IMPLEO implants. I’m very happy because I’m now cured and have my breasts again. The only thing left is the nipple tattoo reconstruction.”
C.S 25 years old
“The IMPLEO implants were a blessing in my life. I had very flat breasts and was curve-less. I was very shy and had a hard time with personal relationships. Today, I feel free and beautiful. I love being able to show cleavage."
C.S 36 years old
“My breasts have always lacked firmness. Breastfeeding made matters even worse. My doctor worked like an artist. After removing skin and placing the appropriate implant for my body, I feel completely feminine and elegant."
C.S 52 years old
São Paulo
“I love the results. I was looking for a natural look and that’s exactly what I found. Thank you GCA.”
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